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I did an inspection today on a home that sat a short distance from a major road.  The homeowner complained that one of the reasons to have an inspection done was to find out why the road noise was so loud even inside the home.  The answer might seem simple to some and to others not so much.  The house had NO insulation in the walls and single pane windows with storms.  I showed the homeowner with the use of a bore scope that there was no insulation in the walls.  I also let the homeowner know that by the way you probably lowered your heating and cooling bills dramatically by agreeing to install new low-e argon insulated windows and using the drill and fill process to insulate their walls.  Being that we have seen this before we know that the sound reduction will be dramatic and that the comfort change will be extreme, not to mention the massive savings.  By the way this home qualified for the following rebates.  $2000.00 Energy Works, $1200.00 Home Performance with Energy Star.  Factory Window Rebate $400.00.  Not to bad.

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